Custom dimension (optional)


  • A custom dimension, related to the user entity. Can be used to extend the user description.
  • A few examples:
    • You generate voucher codes for your users. You can synchronize the voucher file into Splio. You can send an email reminding your user that a voucher is expiring soon.
    • If your business is around children's clothing and through your fidelity program you collect information about the children of your customers, you may be interested in synchronizing information about your customer's children into Splio. An example could be to send an email about a discount offer for a product in the range of a child's age.
    • If your business is around car maintenance, and you have information about your customers' vehicles, you may be interested to synchronize that information. For example, you could send an email reminding your customer that the next technical inspection date for his vehicle is coming soon.
  • Must have a primary key defined, that will be named {custom dimension}_id

Fields list

Field nameTypeKindDefinitionValue example
{custom dimension}_idStringMandatoryThe unique identifier for the custom dimension record.
user_idStringMandatoryThe user id the record is attached to.
{custom attributes}Any typeOptionalAny attribute describing the dimension of interest to make it available in Splio solutions.
inserted_atDatetimeMandatoryThe datetime of the record creation in the source information system2022-02-29T18:34:26+01:00
updated_atDatetimeMandatoryThe datetime of the record last update in the source information system2022-08-15T06:34:26+01:00