Custom event (optional)


  • A custom event, related to the user entity. Can be used as to enrich the user's behaviour knowledge.
  • Example use case
    • You run a gym. You could be interested in synchronizing into Splio knowledge of the session history of your customers. You could send an email to inactive customers in order to make them return to the gym.
  • Must have a primary key defined, that will be named{custom event}_id
  • Must have an event_datetime
  • Events cannot be updated

Fields list

Field nameTypeKindDefinitionValue example
{custom event}_idStringMandatoryThe unique identifier for the event record record.
user_idStringMandatoryThe id of user the record is attached to.
event_datetimeDatetimeMandatoryThe datetime when the event occured.2022-02-29T18:34:26+01:00
{custom attributes}Any typeOptionalAny attribute describing the event that is of interest to make it available in Splio solutions.