Splio Shopify Rewards App


Provided by: Splio
Connector type: Source
Third-party system: E-commerce
Available for Splio
• License: Marketing Automation (Connect & Omnicommerce), Marketing Automation + CDP
• Add-ons: Loyalty, Mobile Wallets


Please note that the current Shopify Rewards App will be evolving by the end of June. Existing customers on the app will be migrated. For new setup, please reach out to your contact at Splio.


Our Shopify Rewards App will let you easily synchronize Splio Rewards and Shopify Discounts. To sync data from your Shopify Store to Splio, please check the Splio Shopify App guide.

This app allows you to attribute discount codes in Shopify based on the rewards granted in Splio, as well as a way to use a discount code during the checkout process in Shopify.

Before starting

Before reading this article, we recommend you read our guides on Loyalty data and on Rewards.

A Splio Project Manager will help you in the setup process to make it the smoothest for you.

Before starting the setup, you will need to:

In Shopify

You have to create a Custom app named “Splio Reward” (check the how-to in the Shopify help center).

Scope: pricerules and discount codes, on which you need to give Splio the reading and writing rights

Data Synchronization scope

Shopify discount classes

On the various discount classes available on Shopify, our Rewards App covers two kind of discounts:

  • order discounts
  • product discounts

The "buy X get Y" discount type is not supported.

Splio rewards custom fields

The following custom fields will be created on the Rewards table in your Splio univefse during the setup:

  • is_shopify_reward: parameter to enable the discount code generation feature (set to 1).
  • shp_renew_stock_threshold: limit of assignable discount codes to a reward
  • shp_discounts_min_amount: the minimum order amount to use the discount code
  • shp_free_shipping_max_amount: the maximum shipping fee amount for a free shipping discount
  • shp_discounts_min_quantity: the minimum number of products in an order to be eligible for a discount
  • shp_discounts_entitled_product_ids: discount on a list of Shopify product IDs
  • shp_discounts_entitled_variant_ids: discount on a list of Shopify product variants IDs
  • shp_discounts_entitled_collection_ids: discount on a collection of Shopify products
  • shp_shipping_line: this parameter should be set to 1 to enable free shipping (it will override the other discount types)


Never delete or rename such a custom field to avoid breaking the data synchronization process.

Discount code generation

For each master reward using the custom fields, the app will generate new discount codes in Shopify if the code stock is inferior to the shp_renew_stock_threshold (by default to 500) defined during the setup. The frequency of this generation can be personalized depending on your needs.


Please take in account that this connector is based on a event-driven approach, it can generate 3000 discount codes per hour only.


This connector does not support the discount assignation in mass. To manage this use case, you must create it directly into your Shopify platform.

Granting rewards based on Splio Loyalty rules

For each reward attribution granted to a Loyalty member in Splio, the app will use the pricerule in Shopify to grant a discount code matching the reward attribution ID in Splio.

Burning rewards in the Shopify checkout process

Each time a Loyalty member proceeds to a checkout, he can use the discount codes granted beforehand. If it is done, the app will burn the attribution reward in Splio, making it impossible to use it again.

The earned and burned rewards are visible for each member in the Loyalty Web Kit reward history if installed on your Shopify.