Splio Google Ads Connector


Provided by: Splio
Connector type: destination
Third-party system: advertising
Available for Splio
• License: Marketing Automation + CDP
• Add-ons: Loyalty, Mobile Wallets, Predictive AI, Identity Resolution


Splio Google ads connector allows you to use audiences built with Custom Audience Filter in Google ads.

The goal of this data transfer is to make the most of the predictive and deterministic attributes in Custom Audience Filter to create effective display campaigns in Google.

For example, you can use the Propensity to buy attribute to target only high-potential clients with an appealing offer.

You can even go further by using the optimized targeting in Google ads. This will enable you to find customers to target with your ads who have similarities with the audience you created in Splio.

For example, you can target the buyers of a specific product category and expand the population in Google ads with optimized targeting, to raise the reach of your ad campaign.


To be able to use this connector, you need first to:

  • have a Splio CDP account
  • have a Google ads account
  • have customer email addresses added to your data feeds beforehand.

Setup Process

  1. Visit https://ads.google.com/ and log in with your Google account.
  2. Copy the Google ad account ID displayed in the top right corner and reach out to your contact at Splio to configure your Google ads account.
  3. The Splio Google Ad Manager account will invite you to run audiences from Splio to your Google ads account.
  4. Please accept the invitation sent to your email.

Google ads connector usage

Once the setup is done, Splio will verify the setup and send a test campaign to ensure that the connection is functioning properly.

Once this is verified, when you create your audiences in Splio, they will automatically be sent to your audiences on Google ads.

You can also export manually your audiences to Google ads thanks to the export and recurring export features.