Refund event (optional)


  • A refund event occurs when a cancellation (full or partial) of a purchase occurs, and a user benefits from a refund of the corresponding paid amount. Another common term used for this used in physical commerce is return.
  • The primary key is refund_id+ refund_line_id (one line per refund act and product refunded).
  • :information-source: Refunds cannot be updated
  • :information-source: For returns (or refunds) lines, amounts and quantities are to be signed negatively (opposite sign from the initial purchase line) while the unit price remains positive.
  • :information-source: In the case sales are operated in many currencies, monetary information should be transmitted both for base currency (used for reporting purposes) and presentment currency (the currency in which the sale was done, and that can be used for personalization purposes).

Fields list

Field nameTypeKindDefinitionValue example
refund_idStringMandatoryThe refund identifier (can be an order_id, a ticket_id, ...).312
user_idStringMandatoryThe user id who was refunded.2356
store_idStringMandatoryThe store id in which the refund was recorded.23
event_datetimeDate or DatetimeMandatoryThe date or datetime the refund occured.2023-07-08T18:34:26+01:00
refunded_purchase_idStringOptionalIf available, thepurchase reference that was refunded
base_currencyStringMandatoryThe reference currency used for operations. Is to be the same for all refunds and purchases. It is the currency that will be used for reporting purposes.EUR
total_paid_amountDecimalMandatoryThe total amount refunded to the user for the refund (including the total discount+shipping+tax_amount).-53.00
total_discount_amountDecimalMandatoryThe discount amount for the refund0.00
total_shipping_amountDecimalMandatoryThe shipping amount for the refund0.00
total_tax_amountDecimalMandatoryThe tax amount for the refund-10.06
presentment_currencyStringOptionalIn case of operations in more than one currency, the file must also contain the refund's currency and money information in the currency the refund was done.USD
presentment_total_paid_amountDecimalOptionalThe total amount refunded to the user (including the total discount +shipping+tax amount), in the presentment currency-59.33
presentment_total_discount_amountDecimalOptionalThe total discount amount for the refund, in the presentment currency0.00
presentment_total_shipping_amountDecimalOptionalThe shipping amount for the refund, in the presentment currency0.00
presentment_total_tax_amountDecimalOptionalThe tax amount for the refund, in the presentment currency-11.87
card_codeStringOptionalIn case there is a loyalty program, the card code to which the refund is attached.
refund_line_idStringMandatoryThe unique identifier for the refund line312-812
refunded_purchase_line_idStringMandatoryIf available, the unique identifier of the purchase line that was refunded
product_idStringMandatoryThe id of the product that was refunded.812
quantityDecimalMandatoryThe quantity refunded.-1.20
unitStringMandatoryThe unit in which the quantity is expressed. In the case when the quantity is simply a number of items, the unit can be left empty.meters
unit_priceDecimalMandatoryThe unit price for the product refunded.5.60
line_paid_amountDecimalMandatoryThe amount paid for the line (including discount+shipping+tax)-6.72
line_shipping_amountDecimalMandatoryThe shipping cost for the line0.00
line_discount_amountDecimalMandatoryThe discount amount for the line0.00
line_tax_amountDecimalMandatoryThe tax amount for the line0.00
presentment_unit_priceDecimalOptionalThe unit price for the product refunded, in the presentment currency.-6.28
presentment_line_paid_amountDecimalOptionalThe amount refunded for the line (including the line discount +shipping+tax amount), in the presentment currency.-7.54
presentment_line_shipping_amountDecimalOptionalThe shipping cost for the line, in the presentment currency.0.00
presentment_line_discount_amountDecimalOptionalThe discount amount for the line, in the presentment currency.0.00
presentment_lint_tax_amountDecimalOptionalThe tax amount for the line, in the presentment currency-1.50
{custom attribute}Any typeOptionalAny other purchase-related attribute of interest to making it available in Splio solutions.