Store dimension (mandatory)


  • Can be a physical store or an online shop.
  • The primary key is the store_id.

Fields list

Field nameTypeKindDefinitionValue example
store_idStringMandatoryThe store identifier.457
nameStringMandatoryThe store name, as it is displayed in Splio solutions.Superstore Paris
typeStringMandatoryValue web|storestore
is_closedBooleanMandatoryA flag indicating whether the store is closed or not1
closed_dateDateOptionalThe date the store was closed2022-11-15
cityStringOptionalThe city of the store's locationParis
countryStringOptionalThe country of the store's locationFrance
coordinatesStringOptionalThe coordinates for the store, in decimal degrees (DD)48.871152, 2.335402
urlStringOptionalThe URL for the store's information page (on the e-commerce website or Google Mybusiness)
{custom attribute}Any typeOptionalAny store-related attribute of interest to making it available in Splio solutions.
inserted_atDatetimeMandatoryThe datetime of the record creation in the source information system2022-02-29T18:34:26+01:00
updated_atDatetimeMandatoryThe datetime of the record last update in the source information system2022-08-15T06:34:26+01:00